Computer Science MCQS For PAF, PPSC, NTS And FPSC Test

For the sake of students here we are providing you guys some most important mcqs of computer science. Which will help you for the better understanding of the subject and for  better preparation of computer science related job test. From here you can find 100+ computer science mcqs for Nts, PPSC, PAF and FPSC. These are the most repeated mcqs of computer science in different tests.

These computer science mcqs will help you for Fpsc job tests and will also be of great help for PAF (Pakistan Air Force) test. There are some most repeated computer mcqs in NTS (National Testing Service). These Multiple Choice Questions mcqs will also help for the preparation of ms computer science entry test. You can also find these most repeated and important mcqs of computer science in pdf for free download at the end of this article. These mcqs also contains some most repeated computer mcqs appeared in ppsc test.

Computer Science Important MCQs With Answers

Here all the computer science mcqs are with answer for ppsc, Nts, Paf, Fpsc job test preparation. We have provided you the most repeated and important computer science mcqs in solved form so you don’t have to look around for the correct answers. Here on testing capital platform you can also get lecturer computer science mcqs with answers for specifically lecturer test preparation. Here some are basic computer science mcqs and some are of advanced level. Preparing all these most important mcqs of computer science before appearing for any computer science related test will surely be of great help.

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From below you can read computer science important mcqs and the pdf file for free download is available at the END of next page. Feel to download computer science quiz with answer. Download PDF From Next Page and some Mcqs are below for reading:


1. _________ is a collection of system programs that controls and co-ordinates the overall operations of a computer system.
(A) System software
(B) Operating system
(C) Utility program
(D) Device driver

2. DPI stands for?
(A) Dot Per Inch
(B) Decimal Per Inch
(C) Digit Per Inch
(D) Data Per Inch

3. A small high speed memory inside CPU is
(C) Cache
(D) Register

4. The translated program into machine code is called _________.
(A) Source program
(B) Object program
(C) System program
(D) None Of These

5. FormatC is an example of virus _________.
(A) Chernobal
(B) Logic Bomb
(C) Boot Sector
(D) Torjan Horse

6. Which of the following coding schemes uses 4-bit code?
(A) Unicode

7. MICR stands for?
(A) Magic In Character Redo
(B) Magnetic Ink Character Recorder
(C) Magnetic Ink Character Reader
(D) None Of These

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